Nurse Skill Building

Do you have a nurse who desires a DD Nurse Advisor to provide instructions and training for serving your agency?

Does your nurse require better understanding of:

  • State Administrative Rules
  • Staff Delegations
  • Staff Trainings
  • Communication
  • Team Decisions



“I met Shar during a time when I provided Case Management services to the I/DD population. Shar was new to providing direct nursing services for a 24-hour provider agency serving those with I/DD. Her compassion for her clients, personal integrity, and sense of responsibility to those whom she provided her services was astonishing.

Working with Shar came effortlessly. She was intrigued to learn “our” way of producing protocols, such as fatal four, licensing expectations and when implementing a nursing care plan. The State requires complex documentation, outside of the lengthy documentation already required by an RN in order to support the individuals with I/DD.

My desire is to see more nurses, like Shar, who exemplify this quality of care provided to those with I/DD.”

Wynter Yancey

Associate Director

“When I first met Shar, I had over 20 years of nursing experience, but only about 2 months of experience working with the DD population. Not only has Shar provided me with the knowledge and skills I need to be exceptional in this field, she has helped me to feel confident and supported. She has been nothing less than kind, compassionate and patient with me on my journey. In addition to sharing her knowledge, she has connected me with so many different kinds of resources that I can refer to for years to come. Shar has made all the difference in my transition into DD nursing.”

Aimee Orr-Besa, BSN, RN


Making a Difference Together in the I/DD Community


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