Shar Meakins BSN, RN is one of the very best community-based nurses I have had the absolute pleasure to work alongside, while serving persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities in community-based settings. Beyond Shar’s exceptional nursing skills and talents, she always brings her empathy, understanding, and creativity. Although Shar’s primary focus is on the well being of her clients, she steadfastly earns confidence and trust with her clients, their families, providers, and ancillary agency personnel. I recommend Shar Meakins BSN, RN, wholeheartedly without hesitation or reserve.

Brian S. Varley, MS
Executive Director
Sunny Oaks, Inc

“It was during my practice with ODDS that I became a Certified Developmental Disabilities Nurse. It was also during this time that I had the good fortune to meet Sharlene Meakins. While Shar was a relatively new RN when we first met, I found her application of nursing science and ethical principle within her DD Nursing practice to be head and shoulders above the rest.

To this day, Shar and I interact professionally and she has become a trusted colleague and friend. Every day I express gratitude for experiencing the most perfect nursing practice journey and gratitude for colleagues like Shar Meakins who have profoundly contributed to my journey and to the profession of nursing.”

Gretchen Koch, MSN, RN
Policy Analyst
Oregon State Board of Nursing

“DSP’s make a huge difference in the lives of the people they support. It is hard for the customers to trust staff. Sometimes they lose staff so quickly. At times it is difficult to get our customers through medical procedures and such.

Shar, as a DD Nurse is by our side every step of the way. Shar is amazing and acts with integrity. She is so kind, gentle, and has a heart of gold. She is great at problem-solving and figuring out a way to help. She helps to make sure the customers’ wishes regarding their medical care is what the customer wants, not what the staff wants or the doctor wants. She is a great advocate for the DD population. She never talks down to the customers or staff, and no question asked is a stupid question.

Shauna Clark
Medical and Mental Health Liaison

I have worked with Sharlene Meakins as a Director on the Sunny Oaks Board and as a Guardian for my sister-in-law with who she has had a nurse/patient relationship since her employment with Sunny Oaks in January of 2014. Sharlene has a passion and is an advocate for the customers and is wonderfully qualified. She develops programs and protocols for the caregivers that ensure that the customer’s needs are being met. Sharlene is a compassionate caring individual. 

Aaron Brown
Sunny Oaks Board

“I met Shar during a time when I provided Case Management services to the I/DD population. Shar was new to providing direct nursing services for a 24-hour provider agency serving those with I/DD. Her compassion for her clients, personal integrity, and sense of responsibility to those whom she provided her services was astonishing.

Working with Shar came effortlessly. She was intrigued to learn “our” way of producing protocols, such as fatal four, licensing expectations and when implementing a nursing care plan. The State requires complex documentation, outside of the lengthy documentation already required by an RN in order to support the individuals with I/DD.

My desire is to see more nurses, like Shar, who exemplify this quality of care provided to those with I/DD.”

Wynter Yancey
Associate Director

“Shar was an angel sent from heaven.  As a DD Nurse, Shar provides an abundance of knowledge, along with a passion for the DD population. Her devotion is evident in the training and speaking she provides to our Certified Family Group Home Association meetings.  

We have seen her compassion for those she serves along with us who provide direct care.  She believes in what we do and shares our vision of quality and loving care.

Pam Estes
President of CFHA

Making a Difference Together in the I/DD Community


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